Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Chaos

Just before Christmas, The Poke published the text of Gerald Nolst Trinité's poem about the idiosyncrasies of English spelling and pronunciation called The Chaos, misattributing it and spouting a certain amount of spurious bullshit about the significance of being able to read it all.

Their suggestion to share readings of it went viral and now there are loads of versions of it on Youtube and elsewhere.

Being interested in this kind of thing, and after a little research into the text and its history, I've recorded my own reading. I have used the author's much longer version as the basis for my own, and have made a few changes, subtractions and additions.

Here it is, my contribution to The Chaos:

I'd love to hear other people's attempts, and i can share the slideshow I used (either in the form of a Powerpoint presentation or a series of PNG graphics) , so if you want to do that, leave a comment ;-)