Sunday, 15 March 2009

Odd advertising connections

I suppose I should upload this to Failblog or somewhere, it's THAT odd.

I've just spent a few minutes wondering around my YouTube subscriptions.

Up popped a new video from Nerimon (AKA Alex Day) explaining (inter alia) that he's not gay despite what some people surmised from one of his recent videos.

For some bizarre reason, YouTube's advertising scripts decided to present me with possibly the least appropriate (and most unwelcome) adverts ever:

Branding confusion

It struck me while taking my shoes off a few minutes ago that I am a marketeer's worst nightmare today, sending out too many mixed signals.

I am sort of trendily (though rather chavtastically) clothed but in all the wrong brands, I suspect.

Shoes by Reebok
Socks by Lonsdale
Trousers by Dunlop (they're actually designed for playing golf but I knew I was spending most of the day outdoors today and these trousers are really wind- and rain- proof)
T-shirt by Fila
Hooded sweatshirt by Umbro
Oh, and undies by Diadora

And for a while I had a Nike baseball cap on.

Just HOW wrong am I?

Especially for a 46 year-old?