Sunday, 15 March 2009

Branding confusion

It struck me while taking my shoes off a few minutes ago that I am a marketeer's worst nightmare today, sending out too many mixed signals.

I am sort of trendily (though rather chavtastically) clothed but in all the wrong brands, I suspect.

Shoes by Reebok
Socks by Lonsdale
Trousers by Dunlop (they're actually designed for playing golf but I knew I was spending most of the day outdoors today and these trousers are really wind- and rain- proof)
T-shirt by Fila
Hooded sweatshirt by Umbro
Oh, and undies by Diadora

And for a while I had a Nike baseball cap on.

Just HOW wrong am I?

Especially for a 46 year-old?

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