Thursday, 14 May 2009

Too many t-shirts?

I've just folded up a load of t-shirts which I've washed over the last couple of days. Is it normal for a 40-something bloke to own this many? This isn't my complete collection by a long shot - this is just over a week's wear and wash.

Something one doesn't realise when embarking on a course of daily gym-going is just how many t-shirts one uses. In my case, it's three, sometimes four a day: one when I get up and do stuff around the house, one at the gym, a fresh one for the journey home and occasionally a fourth if I'm going out.

(BTW is it really sad of me that I rarely wear proper shirts any more?)

A small amount of kudos to anyone who can tell me exactly how many badly-stacked shirts there are in the photo (not as easy as it seems)...


  1. I'm going with 33 total.

    I think it's great to have lots of t-shirts. Even if you don't go to the gym, changing your shirt halfway through the day can offer a new lease on the rest of the day.

    Whenever I travel, I always plan to change my shirt and socks when I arrive. Something about feeling "fresh" that lightens up the day.

    You need a yellow t-shirt. Just saying. =)

  2. Thanks for the reply, Seth. Your count is out by just a few... (For the record, there's a blue one at the very bottom of the middle pile, but as it's not visible, I don't expect it to be counted.)

    I tend to change my shirt during the day anyway as well -there are few things worse than being covered in clingy sweat just from daily routine!

    As for yellow t-shirts, a couple of points. First, I have a few (not many, three I think) elsewhere in my home. Secondly, I tend to go through phases of the colours of t-shirts I buy. The last one was red, and that lasted until just before Christmas, I'm just coming out of a white one (with or without slogans), while this summer's theme is shaping up to to be blue, and then I shall endeavour to make it yellow for the autumn!