Tuesday, 17 November 2009

All you need to know about 2012

For those who aren't afraid of spoilers for films, my attitude towards 2012 can be summarised in one statement. Well, two.

For those who thought that the way Roland Emmerich blew up the White House in Independence Day wasn't over-the-top enough, skip to 2 mins 18 seconds into the trailer (the last effect shot included):

Worse yet, corny as it was, Independence Day had the President's Henry V-inspired battle speech with David Arnold's music rising to a climax behind it.

The best 2012 can manage is an "everyone deserves a chance" speech delivered by 2012's everyman-scientist (imagine him being played by Jeff Goldblum) which fizzles into nothingness. The only way it tugged at my tear ducts was the extent to which it made me want to cry with laughter!


  1. But... did you like it?! ;o)

  2. Lol - I am guessing - maybe not so much?

  3. You guess correctly ;-)

    Well, in a way I could say you guess wrongly, because it's not a question of "maybe not so much" but I liked it NOT AT ALL! Not the worst film of the year (that MUST go to Transformers II), but a very close second!